Craft Cartridges

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4 Results


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Cheyenne Craft Cartridges - buy affordable tattoo needles

Our tattoo needles have everything you need for precise work and the perfect result. You can change needle configurations in a matter of seconds. The Craft Cartridges are available in 19 most popular needle configurations, which fit the most tattoo techniques and the needs of tattoo artists. For the production of the Craft Cartridges, we use exactly the same needles as for the Safety Cartridges. As the housing of these cartridges is made of less pieces of plastic, we need fewer steps in the production and can offer you these high quality tattoo needles for a lower price. You can buy these affordable tattoo needles in two different sized boxes, just choose between a box of 10 or a box of 20 cartridges.

Cheyenne tattoo cartridges are hygienically packed sterile tattoo needles that do not require additional setup and can be used straight out of the box. We guarantee a full control by our experienced experts to ensure the best quality of our tattoo needles. Besides the highest quality of the needles, these tattoo cartridges also include a patented Safety Membrane, which prevents blood and tattoo ink from entering the tattoo grip and the associated cross-contamination.