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Buy tattoo grips for the highest comfort

In our shop you can buy tattoo grips for the essential needs of all tattoo artists. Whether for angled rotary machines, tattoo pens from Cheyenne or even coil and rotary tattoo machines from other manufacturers - we offer a wide selection of tattoo grips in different sizes and designs for the perfect fit.

Ergonomic tattoo grips to fit your needs

The Cheyenne tattoo grips guarantee flawless hygiene and comfort. They are ergonomic and easy to clean. The unique “Click System” of the Cheyenne grips allows you to easily adjust the needle protrusion by simply turning the grip. You can choose between tattoo grips from anodized aluminum and disposable tattoo grips made from soft touch material for pen-shaped tattoo machines. The Cheyenne tattoo grips are the perfect basis for the use of Cheyenne Cartridges. They allow you to change tattoo needles in seconds and easily work with multiple tattoo needle configurations during one session. So what are you waiting for? Buy tattoo grips, which fit your tattoo machine perfectly, now!