SOL Nova + PUIV Bundle

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    SOL Nova

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  • The SOL Nova comes with a comfortable 33,0 mm SOL Nova Grip. This tattoo pen can also be used with Disposable Grips available in three sizes (only Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round Disposable Grips fit the SOL Nova). For the best results, the SOL Nova should be used with a Power Unit IV.

    We recommend using Cheyenne Cartridges with the patented Safety Membrane to avoid the backflow of fluids into the tattoo machine.
    A Start-Up Cable may be required to use the SOL Nova with tattoo power supplies from other manufacturers.

    Power Unit IV

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  • This tattoo power supply focuses on ergonomics and offers you an easy, intuitive operation. Thanks to powerful magnets and an integrated clip-on stand you have versatile placement options. The tattoo power supply allows you to choose between voltage display (in 0,1 V steps) or bar graph display (30 steps, approx. 0,26 V per step). The integrated stopwatch helps you measure the time of every tattoo session. The Power Unit IV is perfect for the low-frequency operation of the SOL tattoo machine family.