Cheyenne Prep & Care Bundle

  • Five products to help the skin showcase your art particularly impressively and healthily right from the start:
    The Prep Stencil Fluid not only helps to transfer the stencil to the skin, but also supports the healing process by having an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect – even before the first touch of the needle.
    We have improved good old Vaseline and, in Prep Lube, developed a kind of “Tattoo Vaseline” that quite naturally allows the tattoo needles and gloves to glide, while also combating bacteria, inflammation and irritation thanks to its ingredients.
    As a third product, we are introducing Prep Cleanser into the running: this is our soft tattoo cleansing foam that cleans the skin, removes grease and soothes. At this stage as well, the formula also helps to prepare the skin and avoid inflammation.
    Subsequent to the actual tattooing we are providing two products that help customers to take care of their skin at home. Our Miracle Oil is a completely new addition to the skincare routine. It helps before each break and after each tattoo session, and immediately alleviates the pain and itching – a few steps up from what you already know. Miracle Oil is also well suited for the first days at home after the tattoo has been done. Our Tattoo Anchor is then the last step in tattoo aftercare until the skin has healed. We would recommend that you sell this tattoo cream to your customers in the studio, so they have everything in one go and feel well looked after.
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    Bundle contains:

    Cheyenne Prep Stencil Fluid

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    3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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  • The tattoo stencil primer that goes that much further

    Thorough preparation is essential - and we have helped to make this even better! This fluid goes on easily and can do everything you need: It helps in the process of peeling off the stencil so it can be transferred to the skin and fixes it without sticking to the skin after drying. And it goes that much further: the fluid contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, as well as soothing agents that activate the skin’s healing ability even before the first needle has touched it.

    Cheyenne Prep Lube

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  • A tattoo butter that outshines any Vaseline

    Vaseline, or what? We have taken this classic product up a notch or two! Our Prep Lube can do everything that your tattoo Vaseline can but also includes anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic ingredients that relax the skin and can effectively ease the pain during the session. Naturally, it also allows gloves and the tattoo needles to glide, making your work easier.

    Cheyenne Prep Cleanser

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  • Not just any old tattoo cleansing foam – this is the real deal

    The cleanser is the last of our Three Musketeers for successfully preparing skin. With its rich lather, the tattoo soap cleanses the skin, removes excess pigment and dissolves grease during the tattoo procedure. It also has soothing and nourishing ingredients that reduce irritation and inflammation and make the tattooing process a more pleasant experience.

    Cheyenne Care Miracle Oil

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    3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating
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  • Tattoo oil for aftercare

    After tattooing comes skin care! And we have a completely new candidate for this: Miracle Oil does justice to its name – it works miracles directly after the tattoo has been completed. The ingredients in the tattoo oil immediately soothe the skin and cover it with a nourishing film that prevents irritation. The oil can naturally be used during tattoo breaks or between several sessions, also by the customer at home. You’ll never want to be without it!

    Cheyenne Care Tattoo Anchor

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  • The tattoo cream for good skin care right the way through

    Your customers obviously want to enjoy your work of art for as long as possible. It’s precisely here that the Tattoo Anchor as an aftercare product picks up from where Miracle Oil has finished. Anchor is the cream to be used every day until the tattoo is fully healed. It moisturizes the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties to accelerate the healing process. Great skin care right the way through!