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The right place to buy tattoo equipment

Welcome to the official Cheyenne online shop, where you can buy tattoo equipment for professional tattoo artists. We offer a wide range of high quality Cheyenne tattoo products like tattoo machines, tattoo needles and tattoo power supplies. Just have a look at our assortment and buy the tattoo equipment, which fits you best.

About Cheyenne tattoo equipment

Cheyenne is the leading tattoo equipment manufacturer, who stands for quality, safety and innovation. Since 2006, Cheyenne has been producing professional tattoo equipment in Germany, according to the highest medical standards. Our goal is to create innovative tattoo equipment with intuitive handling, which accelerates the work of tattoo artists and simplifies single steps of the working process. That is why “Made For Artists” is our slogan. Our tattoo equipment is very versatile and flexible, so that you will find the right tool for any tattoo style. Today we offer you a wide range of powerful and reliable tattoo machines, safe tattoo cartridges in numerous configurations, robust and ergonomic tattoo grips and practical tattoo accessories.

Buy your tattoo equipment directly from manufacturer

If you want to buy tattoo equipment of the highest quality, the Cheyenne online shop is the right choice for you. Just choose the tattoo machine, which fits your technique (you can use our tattoo machine comparison), add the best fitting tattoo grip and of course get the power you need with the right tattoo power supply. Don’t forget to only use Cheyenne tattoo needles, as all of our cartridges are equipped with a Safety Membrane, which prevents blood and tattoo ink from entering the tattoo grip and the associated cross-contamination. Just place your order and get your tattoo equipment delivered with UPS within Europe for free. We do our best to offer you the greatest customer service, so do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or want to give us feedback about the shop.